Legit Work-at-Home Jobs

Chosen by Instafreebie as the Featured Giveaway for March 2018! Have you ever wished you could work from home–or anywhere you want in the world? This book shows you 22 real work-at-home jobs and business ideas along with the resources you need to get started right away. In Legit Work-at-Home Jobs, Ashley Emma covers many topics and gives advice you’ll need about: -Jobs that didn’t work out for her -How to spot a scammer -Legitimate, recommended jobs for companies that let you work at home -The jobs that pay the best -And much more… Ashley Emma also tells you about her experiences with some courses she has taken that she highly recommends and can help you start your own business. (Contains affiliate links*.) These courses teach: -How to Become a Social Media Manager -Legal Transcript Proofreading -Content and Article Writing/Freelance Writing -How to Become a Virtual Assistant -How to Become a Scopist (legal transcript editor) This quickstart guide will cover these jobs and how you can get started: -Ghostwriting for Clients -Writing and Publishing Books for Clients by Starting Your Own Publishing Company -Making Cakes from Home -Book Editing -Making Homemade Cards from Home -Working as a Fiverr.com Service Provider -Search Engine Evaluating -Social Media Evaluating -Transcription -Teaching Classes Online -And more! Ashley also includes a section on her tips for staying motivated, organized, and productive while working at home. Visit www.AshleyEmmaAuthor.com to download free eBooks and your free printable Legit Work-at-Home Jobs Productivity Checklist!

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