Lethal Lawyers

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In this legal thriller, infighting, carnage, and sexual favors are the law at the Los Angeles law firm of Thorne and Chase. Partners and associates cannibalize each other in its cutthroat culture battling for money, power, love, clients, and ultimately their own survival. With blue-collar idealism and onerous student loans, first-year associate Sophia Christopoulos covets the firm’s money and power. But her new friendships, love, and success come with the devastating price of disillusionment, murder, and betrayal. When Sophia is hurled into a murder investigation, she is torn between ethics and firm politics, as well as love and truth. Fighting to save her career and life, she becomes the star witness-and then a target. THE GUN TRIAL – Second in Series – 4.6 stars USA

REVIEWS: “Warning – don’t start reading until you have time!” “Author Dale E. Manolakas delivers with fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive. Highly recommended.” “A strong, scathingly entertaining commentary on the Los Angeles legal community. Keeps the reader guessing until the end.” “Wow! Powerful look into the law business!” [See Amazon Author Page for Book Trailers]

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