Lords of Asylum

Waylaid in the wilds, they left him for dead…

Sir Luther Slythe Krait is a bad man. At best. He tried outrunning his past, but vengeance is swift and tireless and rides on unceasing wings.

Lord Pyotr Raachwald’s heir was murdered in a ritual rife with black witchcraft. His legacy is shattered. His purpose ruined. And with the killer at large, all he has left, revenge, lies too out of his reach.

Plunged into the civil war consuming Asylum City, Sir Luther is compelled into the service of his arch-nemesis, Lord Raachwald. Can Sir Luther play Lord Raachwald off against another power-mad lord long enough to unmask the truth behind the heir’s murder? Hunt down the killer? Bring him to justice? Or will he just die trying?

Waylaid in the wilds, they left him for dead, just not dead enough…

Read Lords of Asylum, the relentless sword and sorcery fantasy thriller today.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from May 15 – 19, 2018