Minetta Mornings

A mother and her stepson assume control of the toughest neighborhood in the city. Their power as well as the survival of their family will be tested. Are they up to the challenge? 1879 New York City- Juba, a former slave from New Orleans, and her seventeen-year-old daughter move to Minetta Lane, the most dangerous block in city where both the roads and the rules curve in unusual directions. Street thugs immediately confront them and Juba’s stepson, Marcus, comes to their aid turning the tables on their attackers. Soon thereafter, mother and stepson assume control of the block and institute a code that must be followed by all. When Juba’s daughter falls in love with a neighborhood rival, the resulting conflict threatens to tear the family apart. MINETTA MORNINGS is a short-story prequel (word count 5000), which sets the stage for events that will transpire twenty-five years later In the associated novel, MINETTA LANE.

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