Mirror Earthmen: Tomorrow and Beyond (Mirror Earthmen Series Book 2)

Abducted from Earth previously by the perfect looking human-like aliens, and with romantic connections developing fast, the Earth girls are excited at the prospect of life on the strange new planet. But with 74 male survivors on planet Gammov and only 24 Earth girls, the gender imbalance proves to have shocking ramifications.

Some of the Earth girls are horrified to find themselves abducted yet again! With dangerous super-sized predators prowling outwith the compound, time is of the essence.

Can the Earth girls outwit their captors under the most testing circumstances? And can dashing Captain Zargo and equally hunky brother Tav, together with the search party, find the girls before it is too late…?

“Mirror Earthmen: Tomorrow and Beyond” is the second in the Mirror Earthmen series of alien romance books. It’s a sci-fi chick lit romp on alien planet Gammov featuring heart-pounding romance, quirky characters, one-liners, and sizzling sexual chemistry.

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