Murder at Kangaroo Downs

If you enjoyed watching Rosemary and Thyme – the TV show where two gardeners dig up a dead body in every episode – you’ll love reading about Emily and Maggie, two quirky veterinarians, who travel around Australia treating animals and stumbling over unwelcome corpses.  When Emily and Maggie arrive at Kangaroo Downs to officiate at the opening of its new race-track, they expect to find the usual friendly ambiance characteristic of country towns – not the Chief Steward, their very first client, seated behind an ‘engaged’ sign in the local Diner’s restroom – deader than last week’s news.

Not everyone is happy about the new race-track. Unexplained accidents have been happening. Like workmen falling off sabotaged ladders, starting gates malfunctioning, an administrator getting electrocuted and broken glass found scattered on the track.

With a deranged murderer on the loose, all Emily and Maggie want to do is complete their assignment and hit the road again. That is – until Emily discovers her car stripped of its wheels and CANCELLED written in red paint on the windshield. Angrier than a couple of bees stuck in a vegemite jar, Emily and Maggie are determined to unearth the identity of the saboteur.

But are the saboteur and the killer the same person? What happens when they find another dead body inside the starting-gates? Will Emily and Maggie find answers to these questions before the first race on Opening Day?

Or will the two reluctant sleuths be the next casualties on the killer’s Cancelled list?

99 Cent Bargain eBook from July 24 – 29, 2018