Muzzled (Kat McKinley Mystery book 2)

Kat McKinley, professional greyhound trainer and sometimes sleuth, is determined to find out who’s behind the slow dog scam plaguing country tracks. But with a missing sister to find, races to win, a dead guy in the fridge, a night spent in the slammer, a suspicious police inspector, and a killer on the loose, will she survive to enjoy her new romance with Ben? Of course, Ben, ‘the guy she’d want to be lip-locked with if ever the world came to an end’, would rather spend time perusing the Karma Sutra with her-not chasing a killer. But if Kat doesn’t find out who killed the guy in the fridge, she might end up dead herself.

And with all those positions to try-that would never do.

A romantic mystery from the author of the other Kat McKinley capers, ‘Chasing Can Be Murder’, ‘Hounded’ and ‘Leashed’.

99 Cent Bargain eBook from August 29-30, 2018