My Mother’s Tattoo and Other Stories for Kids

My Mother’s Tattoo and Other Stories for Kids is a blend of classical children’s literature, humor, and a bit of sophistication that grown-ups will find enjoyable too. The stories are written to be read aloud or like getting your first set of training-wheels, to be read alone. Imagination, humor, and master storytelling makeup this three-story collection.

My Mother’s Tattoo takes the reader into the household of Roxy, her two sisters, and Mother. The calendar has just turned over and it is the first month of summer. A trip to the beach is in order and the girls are excited. When they arrive, the day is glorious until an unexpected event changes the day for Roxy!

Octavia’s Uphill Battle: Octavia, Ms. Winthrop’s elegant gray mule lives at Crestview Stables. Every Saturday they go out for a ride, however, what makes Octavia most extraordinary is that she wears ankle-high rollerblades. But trouble brews when the storm arrives, and they need help getting back home!

Madame La Mew Puts Her Paw Down: Madame La Mew and Miss Demeanor, two cat friends are playfully witty. Madame La Mew’s identical twin kittens need to be named, but she is having a difficult time deciding. Miss Demeanor tries to help, only her suggestions are not helpful. It is not until all four cats are napping that one of the kittens wakes up before the others. Trouble ensues, and it is during his encounter that the mischievous kitten makes a name for himself (literally).

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