Never Too Late

never-too-lateFROM FIVE STAR REVIEW: The author writes a story that makes you realize that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. Isabel Kramer found that training for the Boston Marathon was no easy task. Ms. Kramer is a psychiatrist, 60 years of age and had always wanted to be a runner from a teenage. Her mother decided that it was not to be. When Izzy decided at the age of 60 to run, she had a hard time to get the coach to help her. He thought she was too OLD to run or train. I believe the author was trying to show that no matter how old or young you are, if you have your heart set on realizing a dream, go for it. Why not? Of course if it is a danger to your health, it’s a very bad idea. If you’re fit and there’s no danger, reach for those stars. Even if you don’t win, you’ve actually won. You’ve won because you didn’t quit. Just like Izzy when she finally ran at the age of 60, did she lose or win? The way I took the author’s story is that it doesn’t matter. You’ve won either way. Dr. Gold wrote a book that you don’t lose interest in. It may bring tears to your eyes, but they are tears of joy. A good book for everyone. It shows that dreams can come true and you have to keep trying. Wonderful book.

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