Nomoni: No More Nightmares

Farley is afraid to go to sleep at night. He is almost five years old and suffers from awful nightmares. By day he wheezes and coughs and worries. He has a puffer and a toy penguin to help but the bad dreams still come … until a Mevali hound arrives and tells him about Nomoni, the land of No More Nightmares. This is a place somewhere between dreaming and waking where the Mevalis spin sweet dreams and sew joy pillows for themselves and the world below where Farley lives. … One day the queen of the Mevalis, Shai-Dora, sends two gifts – her M hounds and the Gemma Garden – into the world to help all the unhappy, sick or frightened children who have nightmares. Things have become much worse since Skilverino and some bad Mevali hounds started a war in Nomoni and were thrown down into the world. Now the faithful Mevali hounds must find the children and lead them into the beautiful Gemma Garden where nothing bad or hurtful can enter. Skilverino needs to capture Mevali hounds to steal back the joy and beauty he has lost and leave them cold, thin and hungry, but they are too fast for him. Farley learns how to trust them as he goes to sleep and to follow them across the MH2 Bridge and through the Twisted Silk Gates into a garden of safety and sweet dreams.

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