Revenge Of The Hrym

Having escaped the embers of the exploding Earth, Lord Stiletto, cosmic adventurer and warrior, fights to defeat the agents of evil, protecting and securing a precious treasure. Join Stiletto and his band of adventurers as they travel in space and time, fighting the might and evil of The Hrym. If you like great writing, engrossing and engaging characters, then you will love Jhedron Luckspar’s amazing journey in to the ‘Verse. Will Stiletto and his friends survive and fulfil their destinies? Revenge Of The Hrym is the first book in the Friendship Series, followed by The Adventures Of Miss Ann Thrope, and Beano Grigio. Get your copy of Revenge Of The Hrym right now. “Everything I have read so far has blown me away! I love the way he phrases things and how he uses such subtle and seeminly simple details to paint these complete pictures of both the characters and scenes. His writer skills are plainly awesome. Anna Vintersvard, Author & Publisher

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