Running to Catch Up

Peter Flatman was in his late twenties when he persuaded others to run a brutal road relay in Lancashire despite this being his first race. He did not look like a runner and was shortish and muscular. Some said his style was ugly. So why was he drawn to long distance running that, at best, only offered blood, sweat, tears, fatigue and pain. Yet killing chickens from when he was 11 gave him a tough edge. Twelve years later he was described by Martin Duff as being the best, if not, the best Vet-40 in the UK. Peter did not run at school, or as a teenager, yet confounded his critics with national rankings at 25k, 20 miles and the marathon. Peter’s story is enthralling, and he believes it’s never too late to start running. Competing for the RAF and Combined Services gave him the confidence to become the founder of one of the first running shops in the UK. Be inspired by Peter’s story, how he never gives up and finds a way to cope whatever Fate throws his way. Enjoy the pathos of the free-fall and the joy of the Cleveland Marathon. Peter Flatman was also a successful coach who instilled inner-belief in his runners. A true story of a determined and singular man.

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