Season Of The Devil: Billionaires, Mobsters, And The Girl From Palm Beach

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Kristen Stratford is beautiful, blonde, and quite naive when it comes to men. She has a knack for finding the wrong ones! She is expected to marry within her elite social circle; but the wealthier they are, the more secrets they have!

Palm Beach is being even more mysterious as the prestigious members of the Whitestone Country Club are running amok trying to “secure” dates for their highly anticipated Black Veil soiree. At this shadowy event it is never considered a privilege to be the “Guest of Honor”.

It has been quite a quest while searching for her prince. She hooks up with a top executive, a Mafia nightclub owner, and a quirky New York policeman, as she tries to avoid kissing all the other frogs along the way.

Kristen finally finds her true love, but then forsakes it all for Karl, a handsome and somewhat “devilish” British tycoon that she meets at a charity ball. As he lures her into his dark realm, Kristen is now unsure of exactly who is in charge of her future.

Season Of The Devil is filled with steamy romance, a hint of the supernatural, and unforgettable true to life characters. Its unexpected twists provide for an adventure on every page!

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