Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now

stop-ticking-time-bombStop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now!: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Stress and Growing in Health and Happiness by Roseli Schmidt

About the book:

Is your stressful life causing you unhappiness and ruining your health? It’s true that you cannot run away from the burden of responsibilities. But how you deal with stressors is up to you. In her latest book, “Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now!”, author Roseli Schmidt has explained how health and happiness are related, and how stress can affect both aspects of your life if you don’t manage it well. If you fail to identify the red flags early on, you may realize the damaging effects when it is too late.

Summary of the book:

Taking inspirations from the works of renowned psychologists, medical doctors, scientists and nutrition experts, Roseli Schmidt came up with the idea for her book.

After reading this book, you will:

Be able to identify the key stressors in your life

Learn to differentiate between good stress and bad stress

Understand the importance of revert stress’ consequences

Naturally increase your stress tolerances and strengths

Find effective solutions to your problems

Learn to how to be passionate for the live and work towards make your dreams come true

Discover the power of love and its healing properties

All in all, “Stop Your Ticking Time Bomb Now!” seeks to be your go-to guide every time you feel like you are losing control. Order your copy today, and make your life whole again!

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