Sun Dragons

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility, that there are creatures that live in fire. Corrie at the age of nine on a trip to The ‘Greatest optical telescope’, where her father works, is convinced she sees dragons in the sun, coming up to puff out flames and then wriggling back into the depths. The father, Alan Farthing is a widower and always at work, and Nan is elderly, so Sol has to look after his wayward little sister with her vivid imagination and uncanny ability to create mayhem. When Alan takes the family to Cern for an experiment, Sol, now at University, sees a newspaper article about trouble at the Large Hadron Collider, and immediately concludes that his sister is somehow behind it. He is right of course. She has found a baby dragon which emerged from the collider. It looks an innocent toy, until it starts to grow… and grow. In the meantime it becomes clear that the sun is getting hotter, with more dangerous solar flares which are interfering with communications and causing vast electricity cuts. The world is soon in an uproar and the astrophysicists, including Alan have to find a solution.

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