The A-Z of Digital Marketing

Have you ever found yourself sat in a digital marketing meeting nodding along, too afraid to ask ‘what do you mean?’ Do you know the meaning of SoLoMo, VTR, SERP, trendjacking, permalinks, CX, IRM and DMP? It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a career in digital marketing or if you are a seasoned veteran, one thing is for sure, digital marketing is an ever-evolving beast, innovating and developing at lightning speed, it’s sometimes hard to keep up! The A-Z of Digital Marketing by James Gaubert is designed to provide you with help and understanding on some of today’s digital marketing terms, innovations, acronyms, buzzwords, platforms, terminology and jargon. The ultimate goal, to educate you on the vast, and broad, topic of digital marketing, empower you in the workplace, help you write your own real-life digital marketing story and turn you into a cutting edge digital unicorn!

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