The Ascension

Independent Book of the Year

Felix Anchor and his sisters, Jinx and Desdemona, have just turned 15 and their lives will never be the same. Separated at birth, the triplets reunite under bizarre circumstances and discover a dark secret about their family’s past, even as they get to know each other for the first time. Now they are determined to save the world from an evil force in “The Ascension” (Headline Books), the award winning novel by 16-year-old author Lauren Hudson. “The Ascension” won the London Book Festival, Mom’s Choice Gold, and it has been named Best Young Adult Book at several book festivals.

Readers’ Favorite recognized “The Ascension” with a Five Star Medallion Review and a Bronze Medal, stating “The Ascension is such an engaging and captivating YA paranormal story you will want to read it nonstop until the very last page. The story comes alive through the detailed narration so that one can easily picture the setting and characters in a very vivid way. The Ascension characters are fresh, engaging and memorable – you will want to follow them on this journey to the very end. You will fall in love with the Anchor siblings. Fans of the genre, both young and old, will enjoy this incredible story of the Asterian race, their way of life, their powers and their battles.”

99 Cent Bargain eBook from October 27 – December 27, 2017