The Breathtaker

When a tornado slams into Promise, Oklahoma, only three of the town’s terrified residents know that an even more malevolent force has come to torment them-and they won’t live to tell. The Debris Killer is moving among them. “Nothing could have prepared us for the howling horrors of this gale-force thriller.” – Marilyn Stasio, New York Times When Police Chief Charlie Grover finds three mutilated corpses in a ravaged farmhouse, his first thought is that the victims were impaled by flying debris. But his instincts tell him something different. Enlisting the aid of a beautiful, wisecracking female tornado-chasing scientist, widower Charlie steps into a chaotic world of high-tech risk-taking in search of a cunning criminal… one he soon suspects is stalking him-and his vulnerable teenage daughter.

FREE eBook on September 3, 2018