The Burden of Sweetberry

The enigmatic Candida “Sweetberry” Armstrong, a vain Christian woman with questionable morals becomes a marked woman when her lover murders her fiance on the church ground. For twenty years, Sweetberry has been the mistress of Deacon Josiah Hess. Out of respect for him, the community turns a bind eye. But the relationship is threatened when Luther McGill, a wealthy player comes back to town. Sweetberry is intrigued and abruptly abandons the deacon and begins a publicized relationship with Luther that leads to an engagement. The deacon is mortified and doesn’t bow out gracefully. To make matters worse, Luther taunts the deacon and makes sport of publicly embarrassing him. After several confrontations, the deacon has the last word as he sneaks up behind Luther after a soul stirring revival and bludgeons him to death with a crowbar.

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