The Dead Man’s Sister

Sarah Santana received a phone call. Her only family had been killed in a fire in Spain. Harry Dolan, a notorious London crook was responsible because he’d lost face on a deal. After the funeral Sarah found out her family had been murdered the five bodies were burnt to hide the evidence. Being in America thirty years she’d been long forgotten. Yet Sarah was a top federal agent in the FBI. Using her skills she found out the sickening truth which turned her into an avenging angel. Now aged 48 she sought retribution on Dolans family all five of them including the evil assassin. Committing a crime is easy-but the hard part is getting away with it. Foolishly, Harry Dolan had forgotten about Sarah Santana. A woman can be as tough as a man. But man can’t be as soft as a woman. She was…THE DEAD MAN’S SISTER.

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