The Doctors Lounge

doctors-loungeWhen we enter the hospital, we place our lives in the hands of physicians. Most are worthy of that trust, but a few are unable or unwilling to provide the care we need and expect. The reasons are as complicated as the physicians themselves.
The reader gets an insider’s view of medicine and its practitioners behind the closed doors of The Doctors’ Lounge.

If you enjoy thoughtful medical fiction, take a look at The Doctors’ Lounge, a Brier Hospital novel that helps the reader understand the ethical issues that take their toll on medical personnel, patients, and their families.

From a five-star review:

The Doctors’ Lounge is an exploration of the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), right to die, and the medical responsibility to not desert patients for whom life means only suffering both personally and for the family and loved ones. To accomplish this in story form he uses Jacob Weizman, ‘the popular character first introduced in the novel, No Cure for Murder, who has, after sixty years of exemplary medical practice, suffered a crisis of confidence and has withdrawn from hospital practice. He spends mornings in the Doctors’ Lounge where he becomes a sage, a sounding board, consultant, adviser, and all around mentor for physicians, nurses, and even for hospital administrators. Through Jacob’s involvement, we observe the realities of medical practice and how it affects practitioners and patients alike.

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