The Mid-life Crisis of Morris Bridges

Morris Bridges, a travelling salesman of ladies undergarments in 1960s England, leads a very ordinary life… until he meets a young lady whose car has broken down. She appears to be a nurse, but in reality, she’s harbouring a big secret.

By befriending her, his life turns into a joyous series of adventures, which involves being chased by the KGB and the IRA through England, Wales, and Ireland.

As he overcomes each challenge, he not only falls in love with her, but his attitude to life changes and he becomes empowered. He takes over the company he works for and turns it into an international business, and he soon becomes the friend of politicians and celebrities. He is even requested by the Prime Minister to lead the UK negotiations into the Common Market.

They lost touch with each other, but a few years later, through a series of bizarre events he once again meets her and his life begins a whole new chapter.

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