The Salt Man: The Gap Year killer

Two Australian brothers Wayne and Bruce Kelly are working away in Europe, they discover both parents have died back home in the northern territories.

British back packers Clare and Janice are having a great time in Australia meeting and greeting new friends, but mysteriously they both disappear, along with a local girl.

The parents of all the girls receive a ransom demand, it’s not all about the money, it’s also about revenge.
George Penny, an ex DCI flying squad officer now a private investigator, is hired to find them.

Salt water crocodiles can consume a body in minutes and a few even quicker. They can grow up to 6 metres long.

This is about kidnap, revenge and murder. It’s a gritty story that starts in England then Australia, back to England and climaxes in a violent bloody showdown in a Darwin court room in Australia.

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