The Self Decode: Uncover Your Brain’s Abilities To Destroy Limitations, Empower Yourself, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Every person I talk to has one thing in common…

And it isn’t something they like to admit.

Every one of them wants things better…

They feel lost in a desert. Almost like they were born at the wrong time in history.

And when they go to build their dreams, accomplish their ambitions and live at their highest expressions, they violently swing between moments of power and moments of fear, uncertainty, diminishing confidence and unable to control their thoughts.

The truth is that the greatest barrier to a better life is your own mind.

“The Self Decode” will help you to understand your thoughts, organize them and attach the appropriate action to them. Mental clarity equals peace and control of your mind. The goal of this book is simple:

How to overcome your mental blocks and improve your life

How to discover your “personal excellence”

The advantages of thinking like a professional and not an amateur

How to bring out your best creative thinking

Improve your intuition skills quickly and permanently

How can you stop overthinking

How to let go of others’ expectations (and your own)

Essential nutrition for enhanced mind power

The thermodynamics of consciousness – this has never been taught to my knowledge

How to rephrase your negative thoughts

Clarity of mind releases you from stress and anxiety

Understand how your brain works – biologically and psychologically

Make better decisions by knowing what you actually want

How to release mental energy by minimizing social media involvement

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