The Sky Between Two Worlds — Apocalypse Denied

It’s 2031. The world is divided between hostile superpowers–East and West. Kantak Johnson, about to graduate from MIT and join the Air Force, hears classmate Harvey Jamison describe a new material that he discovered. Kantak recognizes the material can prevent radar detection of military aircraft. But Harvey’s professor, no friend of America, realizes the same thing, and discloses it to the East. The two college students are suddenly thrown into a world of international intrigue and assassination. They are the potential victims. As events unfold, the two hostile blocs, East and West, each build stealth warplanes that the other can’t detect, neither side knowing what the other has. The blocs dispute an old treaty concerning oil. The dispute leads to skirmishes. A misdirected drone strike leads to war. An Eastern air armada threatens conquest of Alaska and invasion of North America. Stationed in Alaska, Kantak must take to the air to defend his family, his birth village and his country …and somehow survive.

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