The Stones Of Romani

In a sleepy village on the outskirts of Truro, he watched as the smoke curled lazily around the circle of stones.

The pathway was in place, his task was complete.

Two worlds were joined, and he could welcome his people to this land once again.

Earth, a place of unbroken light and mellow warmth, ever safe from Destruction and invading darkness.

On one day of each year, the solstice day, would Romani tread the glittering starpath, given to them by the Ellalords in the beginning of days.

Sanctuary there was here, from the devastation wrought when, from the vast, cold void came a comet of dazzling proportions, razing all in its path, and dragging foul shadow in its wake.

One alone remained in this place to open the starpath and allow his people the salvation this world promised.

Tolayr was his name.
He grew to love this land.
And, of course… there was Molly.

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