The Wizards of Central Park West

African-American detective Eddie Berman and his partner Luis Vasquez are brought into the case of a homeless man ripped limb from limb in Central Park. At the crime scene, Eddie discovers a magical walking stick and the victim’s disembodied head which informs him, “You are summoned!”

This brings Eddie into a secret world of wizards, each bearing a staff made from the tree that rested in the Garden of Eden. He must quickly learn to wield enormous powers to confront a demon known as “the great evil” who can manifest in over 300 forms.
In majestic Central Park, a site of power built by wizards, Eddie must uncover a rogue sorcerer and defeat an age-old creature that threatens not only the world, but Eddie and his partner’s families as well.

With tongue firmly in cheek, award-winning author Arjay Lewis takes you into a world of fable, adventure, and lore in one of the most magical cities on earth: New York.

FREE eBook on March 6, 2018