The Year Santa Stubbed His Toe

The man in red really exists.

To all the people in the world that say Santa is just a myth, you are simply and completely wrong. Many tales have been told about the man in red. Some true—some as true as two-headed unicorns with wings living in the city of Atlantis.
This tale is true.

A year not so long ago, Santa was ready to take his yearly pilgrimage on the night before Christmas when disaster struck—he stubbed his toe. Not once, but twice—the second blow was against a gift-wrapped bowling ball that ballooned his toe to twice its size. He could not make his yearly run by himself; he needed help. So on that fateful night, he enlisted four of his best elves to help him make his deliveries around the world: Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America.
A journey that was not only a night of discovery for the elves on that Christmas Eve—but for Santa and the world as well … The Year Santa Stubbed his Toe.

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