Betty Grape, an American amateur sleuth stumbles across a hand-delivered package and a tangled web of intrigue in the traditional village of Abbeyvale in England.

Betty Grape, an American amateur sleuth, visits a young friend, Catia, who is housesitting in a remote country village in England for a Christmas vacation. Although Catia appears pleased to see her visitor, Betty is immediately suspicious.

What is Catia hiding? A relationship with one of the young men in the decrepit caravan in next door’s back garden or is she implicated in the disappearance of the homeowner’s invalid wife?

Betty finds the local villagers are full of friendly gossip but taciturn about solid facts. They too seem determined to keep Betty from butting in on their territory. Never deterred, Betty blunders through the social morass of the small minded until she exposes the brain lurking behind chintz curtains.

Escape into a short read and gain insight into alternative perspectives during April’s Autism Awareness Month.

99 Cent Bargain eBook From April 9 – 16, 2018