Transformed: POTUS

Screw Camp David. The first Post-Trump President is a sex addict who hangs in Vegas … and keeps misplacing the nuclear codes. In this hilarious, fast paced novel, the first post-Trump President ‘decompresses’ by picking up women in his time off. Which is complicated when the nuclear Gold Codes go missing, and a bad actor is about to infiltrate POTUS’s inner circle. The CIA calls in Charley, a charismatic transman spy, to use his intuitive skills to vet everyone around POTUS, including his harem. Simultaneously, Charley’s charismatic ex-lover suddenly appears and becomes a key suspect. Meanwhile, Charley is trying to marry his fiancee- on one of her few weekends off from CIA training camp, 2,000 miles away. When POTUS finds out that Charley’s fiancee is Electra, the world-famous dominatrix known as ‘The Society Dom’, he yanks her out of training so he can have sessions with her in Vegas. Does Charley seriously have to surrender his fiancee to POTUS as he struggles to find the infiltrator? “Offbeat, romantic, and engaging…” Kirkus

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