Liz desires to be married, but she chose a man just like her father who lied, cheated and ultimately left his family. After a year of wishing her ex-boyfriend and father of her son would come back, she is devastated to learn he is engaged. Despite the difficult news, Liz is determined to press forward and find true love and eventually marry.

Anthony is a successful man living a dream life and happily married only to his career. As a top fashion photographer, he has no trouble keeping many of the world’s top models in his bed, but his heart is a different matter. All that changes when his mother becomes ill. While taking care of her, Anthony meets Liz and is instantly attracted to her. The feeling is mutual and the two fall in love quickly.

After a blissful courtship, Liz and Anthony’s “happily ever after” is threatened by one of his disgruntled ex-lovers. When Liz learns the truth about Anthony the night before their wedding,
she must decide if she is capable of forgiveness and love deep enough to accept Anthony for who he is.

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