Under A Crimson Sky

What’s better than a great read? A great read for free! For the next five days Under A Crimson Sky is free on Kindle! Take part in action, adventure story set in the breathtaking Alriche Empire and the elflands beyond the sea. Under A Crimson Sky follows the story of Dag, Kor-Voda, Oremothe and Gottrak as they do battle against the forces of Bubak. In order to save all these brave four must risk everything in hopes to be able to return to what they love. The only problem is nothing will be the same after The War to End All Things is done.

The story parallels classics like Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien or The Belgariad series by David Eddings, but takes a new, fresh look at the genre and what it means to be faced with trying to save everything a person loves. You can get all of the action and adventure for free form 11/15/2018! Be sure to get your copy before the end of this excellent deal.

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