What the Ocean Divides

“What the Ocean Divides” is a WWII adventure-romance featuring the Royal Navy—her enemies—and her friends. What the Ocean Divides finds a unique angle from which to remember the global conflict and paints the picture of war in hues of honesty and compassion. It recreates World War II excitement and romance without using a broad-brush technique to paint the picture and tell the story. It relives WWII from a unique perspective that gives all sides a voice.

Lt. Ian Hunter is wounded by a bullet from a Lugar pistol and ends up in the hospital. The Lugar pistol is a German gun, meaning that the enemy has ties to a military secret along the Moray Firth in Scotland. Moreover, Ian seems to have moved forward in time–because it is six months later when he is treated for the bullet wound.

The Germans are desperate to know the exact date of the allied invasion so they can defeat the American and British forces. It’s up to Ian to stop them from finding out. Amid tank battles, bombers ruling the skies, and U-Boat and E-boat attacks, it seems Ian does not have enough conflict – might as well toss in a Texas ranch girl out to steal his heart.

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