When Two Sevens Clash

Since the death of his mum, fifteen-year-old Billy Monson has mostly been cooped up in his bedroom listening to David Bowie records and worrying about girls and approaching adulthood; but with the advent of punk rock, he is prompted to explore life beyond his council flat. Inspired by the music and the message, and with the support of a small group of likeminded friends – particularly the carefree Mags – he immerses himself in punk and begins to find his feet. Despite the unwanted attentions of school bullies, football hooligans and Teddy Boys, Billy grows in confidence and develops an understanding of the world around him; but it is the adults in his life – his dad and obnoxious girlfriend Shirley Twinset, his sister and dodgy partner Mole – who will ultimately shape Billy’s year. Set against the backdrop of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and riots against the racist National Front, this is a coming of age story that will both move and amuse.

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