Widow-Taker: A Detective Pete Nazareth Novel

widow-takerA serial killer is taking the lives of widows in the New York City area, and Detective Pete Nazareth is on the case. The “Rosebud Killer” is the most dangerous criminal that Nazareth and his team have ever faced, and they continually find themselves one step behind this intelligent, seemingly mild-mannered murderer. The hunt takes them from small, peaceful towns in Pennsylvania and Maryland to the brownstone mansions of New York City’s Upper East Side. No widow is safe from a madman who believes he is doing God’s will, and the pressure is on Nazareth to bring the guy to justice. This fast-paced novel takes the reader inside the mind of the most dangerous criminal in New York City history.

It also introduces a fascinating new character, Detective Pete Nazareth, a young cop who has already proven himself to be one of the NYPD’s rising stars. A former Marine hero, Nazareth is a quiet, introspective type who remains calm under pressure. But looks can be deceiving. Nazareth is also supremely capable of meeting violence with violence when that’s what the situation demands. Widow-Taker is the first in a series of Detective Pete Nazareth novels, each a study of the inner workings of the criminal mind and the diverse talents of the NYPD.

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