Winner Takes All

Bryn Beckett was always meant to be mine. Fate took her away from me.
I need to claim her, make her moan my name and regret the day she kissed me and ran away.

But I’m a dirty-talking bad boy mechanic. She’s a lawyer. We’re from different worlds.
Short of winning the lottery, there’s nothing I can do to get her.

But my number is up. The good kind. And I’m an instant billionaire, overnight.

You’d think it’s a blessing—winning all that cash, and being the hottest badass in town.
But that’s a damn lie. It’s a curse.

There are scammers and gold diggers stalking, threatening, following me.
I’m stronger than that, and my family is protected.

When Bryn enters the picture, shit gets complicated.

She’s a target, too.

And when she’s in danger, I realize our love is not some childish game.
I’ll risk everything to keep her safe—and the life growing inside of her.
Either I win, and keep it all.

Or I lose everything.

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