Wolf’s Secret

They know who she is.
They know where she lives.
Only one man can help her.

As a member of a group of mercenary shifters, Mac is no stranger to risky situations. He just didn’t expect to find himself in a hostage situation in the middle of his workday.

Danni is in serious trouble when Mac saves her and protects her from the gunmen who want to silence her. She is the only one who can identify them. His touch makes her blood run hot, but she’s through with bossy men, no matter how attractive they are.

Unwilling to let Danni face the threat alone, Mac teams up with her to unravel the mystery of the gunmen, while fighting his growing desire for her. Getting involved with a fragile human woman is out of the question.

The clock is ticking and her life is in danger. She can’t return to her home with the gunmen hunting her. But they don’t know who they’re dealing with. Mac’s wolf will tear out the throat of anyone who threatens her.

Mac is a Nightfair mercenary, and Nightfair always takes care of business.

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